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Poker Online United States | Accepting US Players

Legality of Poker Online United States

The current state of poker online United States is going through a bad roller coaster ride. To put things in perspective, it’s just not fair for those who believe in a free spirited democracy. Thanks to the demented politicians, the American people are on the losing side when it comes to playing online poker in United States.

Are they ever going to wake up? Probably not! Let’s hope that the new democratic government led by Obama will make
poker legal in USA. My sources are telling me that the unlawful gambling bill will be re-introduced to the senate early next month. Now, that’s certainly a positive thing as far as the American online poker rooms community is concerned.

Thanks to the Gambling Gods, there is still a way for Americans to play online poker. If you are just coming out of hibernation, then you would realize that most of the well known poker sites don’t allow American credit cards or any kind of bank transactions. That’s a bummer if you ask me! If you are thinking to yourself “the hell with the gambling bill- I want to play anyways!!”, then you have come to the right place.

Real Money Poker Accepting US Players
Play Rummy Cards
As they say “Every problem has a solution”, let me guide you to a simple solution that will drive you back to poker ecstasy. You can start playing online poker accepting US players within just a few minutes while enjoying the thrill of real money betting. The only way American players can play real money poker is by registering on sites that specifically allow bank transactions or credit/debit cards deposit options within America.

On the flip side, there are alternate ways like the Visa-All access gift card option but I don’t recommend it at all. Basically, it’s an international credit card that allows online purchasing. If you are thinking about any other gift cards, trust me they won’t work at all! You are better off playing sites that legally allow poker online United States.

So which poker sites still accept American players? Among the
US allowed poker sites that I highly recommend is Mega Jackpot Poker. So far, its one of the best online poker sites that accepts USA players to compete in cash winning tournaments. They offer different card games and depositing options, so you will be at ease by becoming a registered member. With 24/7 customer support and live jackpot tournaments, Rumble poker truly redefines the poker betting platform.

Here are some of the features offered:-

* Guaranteed poker tournaments played out daily
* Freerolls tournament starting from $25 to $100,000
* Guaranteed $20,000 jackpot every Sunday with re-buys
* Daily Sit and Go Tournaments
* Other Exclusive Games- Caribbean Stud, Blackjack, Video Poker, Backgammon

So if you are planning to play poker online United States then look no further! Let the games begin…

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Discover Bad Beat Poker Jackpot | Learn to Play Caribbean Stud

Ready to Rumble with Bad Beat Poker Jackpot?

It’s exciting to play bad beat poker jackpot with humongous incentives, bonus and rewards, but all that wouldn’t matter if players living in different time zones can’t participate during certain hours (that really sucks!).

With a 24/7 open door policy, International players can compete in a poker bad beat jackpot anytime they wish. There is no such thing as “odd hours” at Rumble badbeat poker jackpots. So if you are a night owl like me, go ahead grab a cup of coffee and start playing the
best real money poker!

To make things even better, there is no shortage of freeroll poker players either. As soon as you log into your account, your blood will feel the rush of instant competition with other players wanting to play against you. In addition- daily tournaments ranging from $100 to $20,000 guaranteed to pump you for an opportunity to become filthy rich!

Bad Beat Karma- Win Cash For Being Unlucky!
Play Rummy Cards
As they say “Your karma dictates your destiny”; then consider the Goddess of Luck to be on your side! Doesn’t matter which game you play, suppose you got a monster hand of quad sevens but your hand got cracked by someone with higher quads, a royal flush or even a straight. Not to worry at all, for being unlucky you will win a lot of cash just for losing! Now that’s what I call higher odds of winning in a
bad beat jackpot poker.

On specifically tagged ring games, $0.50 is taken from every pot that will be added to the bad beat poker jackpot fund. So if you end up on the losing side, you stand a chance to collect 35% from the total prize bonus. All the players participating in the championship could ultimately win a percentage of the prize money.

Rumble poker is setting the standards on how a bad beat poker jackpot is ought to be like! If you happen to visit the site, don’t forget to get your hands on the amazing side games with some extra
cash winning incentives. The Caribbean Stud game is loaded with take it all $5000 plus bonus! All you need to do is make a quick entry and bet against the dealer.

Want to Play Caribbean Stud Poker?

With a user friendly and cutting edge gaming interface, it is one of the top sites to play real money poker. By the way, the rules of the game remain the same even if you decide to play Caribbean stud instead of bad beat poker jackpots. If you are a guaranteed poker tournament freak, there is nothing better than playing Caribbean Stud to quench your competitive spirit.

The opportunities are not limited to just
poker players freeroll and side games, the Tournament of Champions is the ultimate grand daddy of them all. It creates an atmosphere that is unlike any other guaranteed poker tournament you will ever experience. If you are looking for higher odds of winning and guaranteed winnings, Awesome Bad Beat Poker Jackpot is definitely the way to go.

Note: - US Players Accepted

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Tips to Poker Bad Beat Jackpot | Guaranteed Poker Tournament

Gateway to Poker Bad Beat Jackpot Success

Forget American idol and all the reality shows, poker bad beat jackpot is one of the most exciting and enticing tournaments on planet earth (Not taking anything away from World Poker Championship at all).

You might think I am going a little over the board here, but I do think that poker bad beat jackpot tournament deserves a stage similar to one of those Las Vegas celebrity bash. Just think about it for a second, the game has got an International fan base with entertainment written all over it.

Can Hollywood take a quick note of this? Let’s get Eminem to say “Can all the real poker players- please stand up… please stand up”. You don’t have to be a
slum dog millionaire to make your way through! Ok so let’s get back to reality and discuss some tips to play poker badbeat jackpot.

So why do I like Bad Beat Poker? The answer is simple-It is the only tournament where you get rewarded for losing. In other words, you are getting paid for holding a monster hand that is not good enough to beat your opposition. Just for being unlucky, thousands of dollars in cash are up for grabs!
Play Rummy Cards
Scouting the Best Real Money Poker Site

I don’t care where you come from; hopefully you are playing poker to win it all. Whether you are playing
real money poker or not, you got to have some fun while you are going at it. It sounds like a cliché but a professional player understands the importance of a winning attitude in a poker bad beat jackpot competition.

If you are a die hard poker fan, you must be itching to get a winning hand on all the cash on the table. With a gazillion real money poker sites promoting exclusive bad beat jackpots and cash rewards, it is simply irresistible! Beware of sites that promote
mega incentives, because the odds of winning are most likely against you. If you have learned the hard way, make sure to check out the terms and conditions before registering with a poker site holding a guaranteed poker tournament.

Recommended Guaranteed Poker Tournament

Basically what you need is a guaranteed poker tournament that not only gives you the best chance of winning everyday but should also secure your trust in the long run.

How would you like to
play poker players freeroll that is worth up to $100,000? In addition to the poker player’s freeroll, get incredible opportunities to capitalize on mind blowing rewards & incentives on a daily basis.

One of my favorite bad beat poker jackpots is featured at Rumble Poker. What’s really noteworthy is their endeavor to provide excellent customer service. As a player, I never had to worry about getting answers to my queries and transactions.

* Guaranteed poker tournaments played on a daily basis
* Freeroll tournaments ranging from $50 to $50,000
* Guaranteed $20,000 every Sunday- re-buys/double add-on option
* Sit and Go Tournaments
* Guaranteed
Caribbean Stud Jackpot Game
* Exclusive Side Games- Blackjack, Video Poker, Backgammon

Learn more about Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

Note: - USA Players Allowed

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Learn Poker Advanced Strategy | Internet Poker Guide

Step by Step Poker Advanced Strategy

Every professional gamer knows that there is a thin line between winning and losing. So what does it take to compete against a professional playing with a poker advanced strategy? Well, the answer is simple “MENTAL ATTITUDE”. Make no mistake here; you still require the technical skills to come out as a winner. I remember the first time stepping on to a live poker table and it surely wasn’t a pleasant experience at all. My adrenaline was pumping hard and I was nervous trying to pull out a winning hand.

Today’s online gambling scene has changed drastically compared to just a few years back. Literally thousands of real money poker sites have spread like a virus on the internet (In a good way though!). This is great for all the poker betting fans and players alike. More sites meaning tons of payment options, incentives, tournaments and poker advanced strategy skills for the players. Most of these sites provide a designated learning section called "Online poker room school" and other helpful tips to play poker.
Play Rummy Cards

It don’t matter what skill level you are, but what really counts is your on-hand playing experience. When to raise a bet, fold or even a bluff takes a lot of patience and sheer practice. In most cases, beginners lose a lot of money on the poker table before they can taste any kind of success. The lack of mental toughness and practice makes it hard for them to survive, eventually giving up playing real money poker. Just imagine if you could learn advanced poker skills without spending a single dime?

Best Poker Game Tutorial and Betting Guide

Learning to improve your poker game is an uphill battle for most but it doesn’t have to be like that for you. Online video lessons, interactive tutorials and Internet poker guides are the best available resources to learn poker without spending any kind of money. Obviously if you are serious about learning the real deal of poker, then a basic poker game tutorial is not going to do it for you.

I have seen a lot of hyped up articles & e-books claiming to give you secrets of winning poker. They all promised the stars but delivered nothing but a bunch of nuts & bolts (yeah- go figure!). The articles and e-books failed to show me a poker advanced strategy or any tactics necessary to become the ultimate king of poker (ya all know what I mean!). What you require is an in-depth poker game tutorial that teaches you not only the technical dimensions but also the mental aspect of the game.

Well you are in luck today! I am going to tell you about an incredible poker tutorial site that talks the talk & walks the walk! An unsurpassed range of in depth tournaments strategy means that you can learn the correct tactics and skills to turn your game into a profit making machine. A unique gaming platform with web based software to help display all kinds of technical advice and tutorials in a snapshot. The step by step lessons helps both the advanced and beginners with such an ease that they will be ready to rumble in no time. On top of that, the advanced players will be able to improve their game play by becoming mentally focused during tournament play.

Tips to Poker Advanced Strategy in Tournaments:-

· Learn the rules of Texas holdem, Omaha, 7 Card Stud and Hi/Lo versions

· Teaches you how to pick the right positioning

· Teaches you how to interpret (mind reading) the psychology of your opponents you are facing on the table – the strategies you should adopt before you choose to join a live poker table game

· Show you how to be strategic while staying in the game. Example:- slow playing, trapping, short stack and aggressiveness

· Gives you access to other guides and a glossary of poker terms

· Clear cut instructions, Simple & straight forward, Tutorials designed to help you maximize your profits in the long run and at the same time makes you a smarter player

· Easy navigation at just a click of a button. Bullet point style and easy flip through poker instructions.

· Track your progress as you become a better player with cutting edge software

· Practice makes perfect concept. Build up your skills at your own pace with no financial risk at all.

The above tips to playing poker are just some of the highlights mentioned. There is also an online forum community to discuss all your questions and interact with pro gamers from around the world.

An Internet Poker Guide- The Key to your Success

An easy step-by-step visual instruction makes it easy for you to quickly come out on top while making a lot of cash and win plenty of tournament jackpots. This is not one of those “I will secretly show you how to” stuff. It is truly a ground breaking poker game tutorial that will deliver your goals and help you become a true poker professional. Re-invent your game and get ready to rumble!

Finally, the wait is over.... Check out Poker Advanced Strategy

It's totally a free Internet poker guide (Plus $100 gift-No strings attached!!).

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Play Live Poker UK | Britain Gambling

Where to Play Live Poker UK?

Live Poker in UK has once again grabbed the spotlight of fans & media alike! Its good news for online poker sites originating from UK, as poker in United States is taking a back seat due to the gambling transaction ban. As the world turns, live poker sites in UK have an opportunity to attract gaming fans that cannot play on the American sites. As they say, what's bad for someone else; is definitely good for another! It's high time that poker sites in UK grabs the worldwide market share and truly become a global leader in the poker industry.

UK Poker is a little different compared to other parts of the world. I say this because poker in England transcends a gaming culture that is unsurpassed. Brits are known for their passion for poker & their quest to win always. Online poker in the UK is celebrated in the same fashion as offline Britain Gambling.
Play Rummy Cards
If you are interested to play live poker in UK, then strap on your seat belts & get ready to win! Among the thousands of
poker sites in UK (it’s a jungle out there!), only a few of them stand out as a legitimate poker site. Online poker in the UK is a growing trend among the young British generation. Obviously live poker in UK attracts more crowds due to its online appeal. Well after everything said & done, take a look at some factors before jumping aboard to play poker in UK!

How to find Trustworthy and Qualified UK Poker Sites?

•Are the poker sites certified or licensed at all?
•What kind of software & security is integrated by the site?
•Do they offer free rolls & collect back?
•Methods of payment & cash out options.
•Various poker games with multiple player features
•Are there any featured tournaments?
•Tips & strategies with Know how to guides
•Live forum to interact with other poker players in UK
•Last but not least- Excellent customer service

So consider the above if you wanna play online poker in the UK. Before trusting any poker sites in the UK, make sure to go through the checkpoints before committing your hard earned cash. The game has not changed much, but online poker in the UK provides a different platform & interactivity level that gives a new dimension to the game itself.

Among the Free poker sites that I play regularly is Live Poker UK and it is insanely addictive! So put on your poker face & enjoy the thrill of live poker in UK.

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Online Poker India | Khelo Card Games | Legal Gambling | Casinos

Desi Poker India Information and Legal Online Gambling

Online Gambling in India
is one of the hottest entertainment trends among the young desi players. Offline gambling is not actually legal in India, but currently there is nothing clearly predefined about the state of online gambling act. Goa is the only state that runs legalised casinos and poker games as a tourist attraction.

Poker in India has been around for ages but it never captured the limelight of the public eyes. It was basically an underground scene, while most of the India card games fans have kept a low profile in order to avoid any public scrutiny.

With the surge of Internet, India casino fans can now compete against the best of the world. As a card loving country, online poker in India is the latest hot spot on the Internet. It's basically a love affair that continues to thrive in a mostly conservative society. Indians are now obsessed with the idea of playing online games right from their computers! You can't really blame them at all, because the game of "Teen Patti" has been a trademark of Indian card games throughout the ages. A lot of Desi poker players are thriving to play live poker tournaments to win cash prizes and jackpots.

Betting and Lottery Fever

Online betting in India is also gaining a lot of popularity these days. All the cricket lovers are busy putting their bets on their favorite teams and players. Besides betting, Online lottery in India is growing faster than the population itself! The typical offline traditional lottery players are now looking to participate through free online lotteries in India.

Continue reading below to find out more about India gambling information and casino tips.

Khelo India- A Billion Dollar Entertainment Industry

Rummy Cards KheloKhelo India Khelo! It is the new slogan for the bollywood casino players. A population of a billion people (Half of them casino fanatics!!) are now ready to take on the world's best card players! In the coming years, I can imagine online casinos in India will generate a lot of revenue and solidify its place as the best gaming nation in the world. Hindustan's fascination with card games, poker chips and casinos will continue to grow exponentially. Now is your chance to become an elite part of an online community that offers the best chance of winning.

India's casino craze is evident if you happen to visit goa. World casino tournaments are offering lots of cash money with ultimate jackpots & prizes. Indian Casino players can now become part of this amazing challenge & win thousands of dollars right from the comfort of your living room. Live tournament sites enable the players to learn online gaming in India. If you are focused on winning a lot of cash, you must first test your skills by learning to gamble online.

Ready to Earn Cash? Play Online Poker in India

You can create history by becoming an integral part of
online poker India. Online Poker Tips offers the best resources for online card players in India. Along with the free tips they also provide free video tutorials, live community forum, articles, casino reviews, strategies, jackpots, cash giveaways & live tournaments. Live tournaments are a great way to test your playing skills plus it creates an excitement level that is unsurpassed. If that's not enough, India poker site also features free cash rolls ($1000 free cash) to take part in their live tournaments & jackpots ($50,000). Along with the free rolls, you can win lots of cash prizes, free member privileges, giveaways, cash rewards & incentives. Best of luck and spread India poker Fascination!

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